PVC Coated Welded Mesh Panel

PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh is made of high quality of welded wire mesh,such as black welded wire mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh, then to be coated with PVC powder by advanced automatic equipments. Our PVC Coated Welded Mesh Panel can be divided into two types including dipping plastic and plastic spraying/PVC Powder painted .

Wire Materials

With PVC coating, anti-violet and anti-aging auxiliary agent can be added in the coating materials.


PVC Coated Welded Mesh Panels offer excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance. Besides this kind of product has flat even surface and strong structure, therefore this product has a long service life. Moreover the coated layer is even, strong adhesiveness and bright luster.


PVC coated welded mesh can be used as Fence panel,cages panel.

welded mesh specification
wire diametre mm mesh mesh lengthm mesh widthm
Trail distancemm Weft spacingmm
10 100--500 30--300 1--8 0.5--3
9 100--500 30--300 1--8 0.5--3
8 100--500 30--300 1--8 0.5—3
7 50--200 20--300 1--8 0.5—3
6 50--200 20--200 1--8 0.5—3
5 50--200 10-200 1--8 0.5—3
4 30--200 10--200 1--8 0.5—3
2-4 25--100 10--100 1--6 0.5--3
Note: The mesh warp weft spacing can be adjusted at will, according to customer demand.

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