Paladin Mesh Fence

Paladin Mesh FencePaladin mesh fence is most excellent welded mesh fence, it is original Striped Type Mesh Fence with innovative and unique aesthetic appearance. It combines aesthetic appeal and faster installation with strength and high security and anti-climbing, cut through at the same time providing providing clear visibility along the fence line. Yes, its stronger body,faster installation, better appearance .

Application of paladin mesh fence
Recommended as security fencing for parks, schools, playgrounds and sports field, public buildings, factories and warehouses, airports, etc.
Utilities: Gas, water, electric and telecommunications which make paladin fencing an ideal choice.

Characteristic of paladin mesh fence 
The Paladin security fencing system is the most popular weld mesh fencepanel due to its innovative and unique appearance: a sophisticated decorative type mesh pattern, with integral 'V' forms.

Feature of Paladin Mesh Fence

The fence panels feature pressed ‘V’ forms containing additional 4mm diameter wires for the full panel width for strength, rigidity and sophisticated good looks whilst providing a cost-effective anti-intruder barrier.

Paladin Mesh FencePaladin Mesh Fence

Mesh pattern: varies to 50x50mm maximum, welded at each intersection.

Horizontal wires: 3mm diameter at 50mm centers with additional 4mm diameter in the ‘V’ beams.

Vertical wires: 3mm diameter at 50mm and 12.5mm centers.


  • 0.9 – 1.2 – 1.8m panels have 2 ‘V’ forms.
  • 2.0 – 2.4m panels have 3 ‘V’ forms.
  • Mesh Opening :20mm x 200mm /43.7mm x 200mm.

Specification of Paladin Mesh Fence

Fence Height Panel Size Weight Beams Inter clamps Corners Clamps
900mm 925 x 3025 mm 11.9 kg 2 3 6
1200mm 1240 x 3025 mm 15.0 kg 2 4 8
1800mm 1850 x 3025 mm 21.3 kg 2 5 10
2000mm 2000 x 3025 mm 22.1 kg 3 6 12
2400mm 2440 x 3025 mm 28.4 kg 3 7 14
Post 60 x 60 x 2.00mm and 60 x 80 x 2.5mm

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