How to select the Right Wire Gauge for Your Project?

There are some factors to consider when selecting wire gauge to use in your project. HNC would like to offer you the guidelines. Purpose is the main consideration when selecting a wire. The purpose dictates the strength the wire needs to be, and the flexibility, and the thickness.

Wire thickness: 

Is the wire being used to hold beads onto a frame, or is the wire creating the frame? If a wire is creating the framework for a piece, a thicker gauge should be used. If you're using a wire to wrap beads onto a frame or other beads, a thinner gauge will work.

Wire shape:

If the piece has wire loops, a thicker gauge should be used so that the loops hold their shape. If the piece has wire wrapped loops, a thinner gauge can be used.

Wire Hardness

A wire's hardness is very important. Soft wire requires thicker gauges to hold shape than half hard or hard wire. If you need to use a thin gauge, but need it to hold shape, use a hard or half hard wire.

Wire material

Typically when selecting a wire material, whether the material is gold, silver, copper, brass or another metal, color and cost are the deciding factors. 

Wire surface treatment

There are galvanized wire, black annealed wire, PVC coated wire, and other colorful wires, those could be used in different places with different environments and purposes. 

At the same time, HNC would like to offer you some other factors:

  1. Do you have the correct tools?
  2. Is the cost prohibitive?
  3. Does it balance the wire thickness with the other pieces?

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